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Fashion influences all spheres of life connected with design but to be its follower is not an easy task. To facilitate your choice and order of curtains and lace curtains which meet modern trends and tendencies at any time, salon Magic of Curtains in Odessa and Mariupol has created own collections of curtains. You can find various kinds of ready-made curtains corresponding to the modern requirements of the curtain world and interior design.
After making a decision how the curtains should look like, it is required to pay attention to the catalogues of fabrics which also enables you to order fabrics for the curtains represented in our salon Magic of Curtains as well as in the Collection of fabrics, catalogues and our internet shop of curtains. Sales assistants and designers well help you to make a choice concerning fabrics for curtains and lace curtains. Ready stylistic patterns of our designers shown in the catalogues of curtains will assist in your selection of curtain rods and curtain décor as only an integrated approach can provide the ideal decorating of the flat with curtains, lace curtains, lambrequins made to order.
Professionals of our internet shop site are constantly tracing the latest news in the world of curtains that is why the information of the site catalogues is being updated. Innovations in the catalogue of curtains are filled with the latest designers’ findings, the fabrics for curtains are supplemented with new modern fabrics for curtains and lace curtains. We are ready to offer a selection of ready-made curtains as well as curtains made to order for our clients from all over Ukraine and Russia.
We are eager to offer curtains for Europe, Germany, Italy as well as Russia via post. Our prices will attract you. When making an order, you can effect payment by any method suitable for you through any bank. Curtains forOdessa and  Mariupol can be ordered through the internet shop, on our site and can be bought directly from our shop or by the catalogue.