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Curtain décor is not only a necessity but a wide field to embody your fantastic dreams. With the decoration observing a particular stylistic line, you have an opportunity not only to decorate the curtains but to emphasize their unique character. The possibilities provided by the modern curtain décor are quite numerous, yet our attention will be brought to a few of them.
Decorative tassels for the curtains can have the most unusual shape depending on the overall style of the interior yet the most widely spread are gross tassels of classical shape.
The tieback holds the curtains at the sides of the window which results in forming a wonderful draping.
Pendants for curtains are made in different ways – braided cords, decorative garnishes and even soft toys. Decorative curtain pins made of metal and other materials are used for the same purpose. Decorative magnets for the curtains perform their own function as well as decorate the overall composition of the window.
 Beading and fringe serve mainly for decorating the heavy classical curtains and add austerity and respectability to them.
Trimming for curtains is produced of polyester or any other endurable synthetic material and makes a special carcass providing an effective draping.
Threaded curtains and organdy can be both an independent element of the décor and an emphasis for the basic color of the curtain. They allow the fresh air in without being an obstacle and protect from the direct sun rays.

Fittings for the curtains play both decorative and technical roles and connect the curtain rod with the curtain itself. The fittings should be reliable but not destroy the general conception of the interior.

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