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Curtain rods are considered to be as old as the first window. The first curtain rods were quite primitive. But as time went, people started to use wrought curtain rods and years later the windows were decorated by the wooden curtain rods with gorgeous, carved lambrequins. Today the curtain rods have become more functional, different materials and technological designs are used for their production.

Aluminum curtain rods ideally fit for the concealed fixing of curtains, sliding and lifting mechanisms of curtains and lambrequins. These systems are used, as a rule, for decorating the windows of the fanciest shape following the fantastic curves of the perimeter and slants of the window. These curtain rods are usually applied for fulfilling nonstandard technological and design solutions. 

Aluminum shape for the curtain rods is becoming more popular and is distinguished by endurance, long service time and easy mounting. The shape is used for mounting into the bow window , the arc, for the corner windows and for mounting into the niches.
Plastic curtain rods are a construction of plastic molding curtain rods to which a wooden molding plank is fastened but they can be used as independent elements, for example, in the interior of the Minimal Art style.
Wrought elite curtain rods emphasize the luxury and respectability of the interior.
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